Every face is unique. Every story is special. We are here to help build a better future for Gyumri people.

Vanik Gevorgyan


We have a good generation, though we need to be a little bit honest with them.

People of Gyumri

Kamo Grigoryan

3D modeller, engineer

I have been engaged in 3D modeling for many years. I loved that profession of getting ideas in the form of a picture.

People of Gyumri

Garik Kalosnikents


I have been in the studio since I was a child. When I was already able to walk, I used to disturb my father during his working process.

People of Gyumri

Narine Poladyan

Khachkar maker

The most favorite part of a human face are the eyes for me, because the human eye can even speak before words.

People of Gyumri

Vahan Tumasyan

Founder of Shirak Center NGO

Let’s try to stay, build a country so that others are jealous and so that we don’t have to go to enjoy someone else’s country.

People of Gyumri

Andranik Barikyan

Football player

I am a yellow card record holder. I have 89 yellow cards in total. No one in the Armenian championship has that much.

People of Gyumri

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan


I sometimes forget where Hovhannisyan Hovhannes begins and where the other Hovhannisyan Hovhannes ends. It is complex.

People of Gyumri

Mikayel Vardparonyan

Clay maker

When working with clay, you fall into your own world and it becomes a means of expressing your creative mind.

People of Gyumri

Andranik Hovhannisyan


Our views are greatly influenced by the profession of a doctor, because it is natural that the profession of a doctor is unique, it has a direct connection with life.

People of Gyumri

Hakob Baghdasaryan

Graphic designer, painter

As for food, I like everything except the empty plate.

People of Gyumri

Nunik Eghoyan

Street cleaner

Our city is our name, our honor and privilege. Gyumri is a city of masters, but we want Gyumri to be a clean city too.

People of Gyumri

Samvel Muradyan

Coachman, Phaeton driver

This is hereditary, it was passed down to me from my grandfather. I loved horses very much, so I continued.

People of Gyumri

Ani Rashoyan

Jewellery maker, painter

Beside my paintings, the jewellery created by me travels the world and it’s very pleasant when you see photos of your works from other countries.

People of Gyumri

Khanaev Aristakesyan


I chose to become a barber, because I have a little bit of painting talent.

People of Gyumri

Grisha Khachatryan

Bartender helper

The most positive word for me is the “sun”.

Gyumri people

Arman Charkhifalakyan

Chief cook

I associate the process of preparation with art. Every detail is very important to me and I start to prepare every dish thoroughly.

People of Gyumri

Artush Yeghiazaryan

Founder of Herbs & Honey teashop

Each customer brings a useful element. Someone’s smile, someone’s warm words, another one’s criticism.

People of Gyumri