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Did you ever imagine living in a sustainable world?

Now you don’t have to imagine, you just need to come and live in Distrikt.
Just about a year ago we became fascinated by the idea of Building The Future and now The Distrikt aims to be a leader in sustainability and creating an environment that promotes innovation, encourages a range of businesses to flourish and create jobs. Distrikt itself will reflect the community’s vision of a Prosperous, Green, Technology, Integrated, and Creative City.
Distrikt is about to become a new economic growth engine for Gyumri and Armenia and make Gyumri from the poorest city to Europe’s most creative, technological, sustainable, and prosperous city.

Todd Fabacher


Zara Ingilizyan


Gayane Ghandilyan

CEO at Distrikt Foundation for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship

Berge Ayvazian

Managing Director of Distrikt Ventures

Chi Chan

Entrepreneurial Technologist

Saten Minasyan

Project Manager

Arthur Ghandilyan


Afrim Idrizi

Structural Engineer

Ani Yenokyan

Urban Planner & Architect

Gurgen Hovhannisyan

The Distrikt Startups

Hakob Baghdasaryan

Branding Expert

Manushak Toroyan

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Narineh Hovhannisyan

Co-founder & Managing Director
Aion Clouds

Raya Harutyunyan

Project Manager

Nareh Arghushyan

Project Manager
Digital Silk Road

Julia Muradyan

Product Owner

Greta Movsesyan

Front-end Developer

Raz Harutyunyan

Motion Graphic Designer

Elena Ghandilyan

Content Writer