Design Occupation

The Role of Design in modern life

The design opens up wide possibilities for the materialization of aesthetic ideas, new horizons of beauty, and much more.
Design is a phenomenon unique in its nature, has demanded many natural gifts of a person, the values of aesthetics, creativity, design thinking, ethics, respect, and care for the environment. Design in modern society is, first of all, one of the conditions for making a profit, since, by satisfying the highest consumer requirements, it increases the demand for manufactured goods.

What will happen to the design in the future?

For sure design professions will become even more in demand. Many professionals of other industries will be replaced by robots or automated processes, but creativity will always remain human work. The technological revolution is directly related to design: the tools and tasks of the designer will change, but there will always be a need to create something new and creative. The Distrikt already sees the role of design in the era of the information revolution that has come: in interfaces, applications, computer games, and the very concepts of various products.
The next revolution is custom manufacturing through 3D printing technology, where the designer has a key role.

Creative neighborhood: The Distrikt

The Distrikt is home to the creative industries. It is about to become the Armenian center of arts and culture with worldwide recognition. The Distrikt supports architects, designers, artists, and creative freelancers and promotes up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
The Distrikt will be a creative ecosystem that is inspiring, authentic, and relevant ideas shaping Gyumri’s future as a leading destination of design, art, and culture.
Distrikt will be enriched with traditional and new productions, installations, street art, paintings, arts, and crafts.

Top Creative Jobs in 2021

The creative industry is a rapidly ever-changing one. Each year creative professionals are expected to adapt to new technology, software, skillsets, media, and more. Although many are used to the constant changes, nothing pushed the bounds of change like the year 2020 did.

rasmussen university

Your love of color, artistic eye, and impeccable sense of style cause people to label you a creative person—and you wear that label proudly. You embrace it as you enjoy expressing your originality and making things visually appealing.

dubai design district, design, community

A design district that nurtures emerging local talent and provides a home for the region’s creative thinkers.

miami design distrct, design center, distrikt

A creative neighborhood & shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, and architecture.