Digital Pomegranate

The Largest Tech Investment in Gyumri

Digital Pomegranate is a software development company based in Gyumri. The creation of the Digital Pomegranate is a huge part of the regeneration of Gyumri, a city badly hit by earthquakes and very impoverished. Since its establishment in 2013, Digital Pomegranate made the largest tech investment in Armenia’s high-tech industry outside of Yerevan.

Digital  Pomegranate partners with and build software products for international corporations, like  SONY ATV, Sony Music, Tesco. They cooperate with government agencies, including the UK Government, the Australian Government,  to develop consumer and business products such as tax submission systems, IoT security solutions and so much more.

It’s all about jobs

The main purpose of Digital Pomegranate is to provide job opportunities to young and enthusiastic people in Gyumri and find tech solutions for small businesses all around the world to show that Gyumri is the capital of software development of Armenia.

Digital Pomegranate gives small businesses what they need at an affordable price. It can be specific business websites, mobile apps, web design, 2D animations, etc.

Digital Pomegranate is:

  • A “all in one” solution toolkit that builds helps small businesses build their online presence efficiently – in less time and less money.
  • A digital marketplace where people receive free proper training and can find demand for their creative services from small businesses all over the world
  • A movement that is aimed at empowering people through job creation, allowing them to earn a sustainable living.

Started with few employees, now Digital Pomegranate has almost 40 employees and the company is getting larger and larger by creating commercial apps for large companies all around the world.


Digital Pomegranate’s co-founder and CEO Gayane Arakelyan hosted Ricardo Bergmann, P-A-G-O’s Project manager.


SEATTLE, Washington — Gayane Ghandilyan Arakelyan is the CEO of Digital Pomegranate, one of many Armenian tech companies run by women.


SEATTLE, Washington — Gayane Ghandilyan Arakelyan is the CEO of Digital Pomegranate, one of many Armenian tech companies run by women.


In this episode, Todd Fabacher talks about his experience as a serial entrepreneur and insights he has accumulated over the years not only in Armenia but also in tech-leading nations in the Far East.


We had the pleasure of hosting Todd Fabacher, CEO of Digital Pomegranate, sharing his experience and stories of founding a startup in Gyumri