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Biggest challenges to the communications industry today

Communications is a dynamic, quickly changing enterprise. The communications industry is one of the greatest and most susceptible to large challenges such as no access to proper planning and management tools and no existence of an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.


What CommPRO Planner can provide?

For reaching every campaign goal it is critical to plan and manage it right. CommPRO Planner is a turnkey solution for the planning and execution of a communications campaign. It is a planning and management software designed for the Communications industry to connect all professionals, consultants, and agencies for all their hiring needs and business management activities.

All features in one place

Communications industry specialists are daily using tons of other apps and tools to manage and plan their projects and campaigns and Aion Clouds come up with an incredible solution: CommPRO Planner that provides many tools to plan and manage a communications campaign from ideation to completion such as tools for budgeting, accounting, and task management, educational resources on relevant topics, access to experts, and services to assist in campaign implementation.

Solutions Provided by CommPRO Planner

Budget tracking in campaign management was the #1 requested feature by industry professionals we surveyed. CommPRO Planner allows to easily manage client invoices based on the status updates and send out open invoices to clients on time. The main advantages of CommPRO Planner that make it unique are an interactive and dynamic marketplace, business canvas, kanban board, recruitment management, and much more.




Digital technologies have greatly influenced and changed the way public relations operate, these days, a digital PR strategy is essential for any campaign. However, aside from spanning various platforms, there are certain things that PR strategies should incorporate, and different rules for each of them, that some companies overlook.

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With broader audiences, more competition, and more opportunities than ever, PR professionals are facing new challenges when it comes to attracting media attention.


Does your business require a mobile app? In most cases, the answer is yes. People consume information, make decisions, and purchase products using their mobile devices. A well-designed mobile app will encourage brand loyalty, engage customers, and let your customers make purchases on the go.