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What is Ripple Platform?

Ripple /Real Integrated Personal/Professional Learning Experience/ is an all in one platform for Online Businesses. It consists of an integrated suite: authoring module, course management and delivery configuration, web-development, CRM, remote communications console & chat, and email marketing tools to support every aspect of the employee, customer and student learning experience, from a single account structure.

As such, Ripple’s LMS module represents a new category of technology platform solution: a technology based, integrative learning, organizational management platform. A hybrid business/learning platform offering the capacity to comprehensively address the learning organizational management needs for all types of businesses from sole proprietors to multinational organizations.

Ripple’s unique advantage lies in its fundamental architecture – a learning module built to address society’s technological engagement, commercial learning imperatives and cultural development.

Ripple’s design function is to provide for an individual’s actual learning experience, while at the same time offering individual and organizational “subject-expert” providers, a platform that allows them to create organically comprehensive learning experiences in their discipline, without the need for additional academic training and lessening the need to hiring an external “instructional designer”.

Ripple Platform

Why choose Ripple Platform?

Ripple’s “learner first” orientation is distinct from traditional education and commercial “e-learning” in that it is in the actual learning experience and resulting application in life, where real value is created for both the learner and provider of the experience.

Traditional education institutions must adhere to mandated content, rubrics and outcomes, which are designed for the institution to provide a pathway for the student to deliver an output score, ranking and certification for external use.

Similarly, it is common for commercial e-learning platforms to focus on sales and marketing, “how to create content and sell your courses” in their approach to encouraging potential new course providers and their customers.

In either context the student’s actual learning experience is, in effect, incidental in the platform’s purpose in that its primary purpose and value lies in being able to provide its customers (students) a certification “that they have completed” a course.

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All in one platform for online business

Besides the main Learning and Authoring modules Ripple will provide a list of supporting platform elements.

Global Asset Library
RIPPLE’s program, course and presentation and web authoring power are supported by a global asset library, providing course authors, learning and web managers the ability to easily access and manage raw course collateral, saved themes, completed individuated learning elements (content, challenge widgets & configurations) as well as complete learning “capsules” in a modular solution – offering seamless access for assembly, customization and application though all platform output modes.

Web Development
Each Pro Account has the option of building and hosting their website from within their Ripple account. Ripples custom web development module is designed as a “coding-free” interface allowing for customers to assemble their own site with minimal assistance.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Ripple provides a custom-designed, integrated E-commerce solution, making it a simple process to post courseware and other offerings to their account cart for purchase. Companies with existing 3rd-party shopping carts can connect via API.

Customer Relationship Management
CRM Services are provided by a custom in-house module. Third Party CRM will be serviced via API.

Email Marketing
Email marketing services from major providers are integrated into the workflow via standard API’s.

Remote Communication
Ripple provides integrated “Zoom comparable” remote communication video, chat, and messaging capability enabling courses, presentations, and coaching programs to be delivered live and asynchronously.

Community Builder
Connecting Ripple Account holders and their customers (learners) in a global network.

Ripple Global Marketplace
Ripple platform customers will be able to release their courseware to a global marketplace site along with other Ripple platform customers.

All in one platform
All in one platform

Our target customers

Ripple’s targeted client base will range from sole proprietors or larger organizations that are specialists, experts in their field, with the desire to create, manage and sell comprehensive and highly efficacious learning experiences – courses, seminars, workshops, professional presentations and events from one integrated platform.

RIPPLE is designed to provide Corporate Directors of Education, Program Managers, Administrators, Authors and their staff, to easily create and manage new learning experiences along with all aspects of the platform from a single console.

Ripple’s pro accounts will offer affordable pricing for organizations of all types and sizes – sole proprietors to larger corporations.

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