It matters what to export

In 2019 the top three exporting products of Armenia were copper ore and gold. These resources are extracted from the country’s natural capital, it is not creating any value in the country. Thus, it resulting in natural and social degradation in a  long-term

The quality export basket of a country depends on the proportion of value-added. It shows to what extent the exporting products create high domestic value. The components of the production that are adding value are:  before manufacturing – research, conception, and product design; after manufacturing – sales, coordination, marketing, and distribution services. To what extent this full cycle is occurring in a country, defines the quality of its export basket.

That is our goal in The Distrikt – developing value-added products in Gyumri and creating a quality export basket that leads to sustainable development.

  • Ores, slag and ash
  • Precious stones and metals
  • Drinks
  • Tobacco
  • Ferrous metals
  • The rest

Armenia’s Export Portfolio for 2019 (%) (Source: Armstat)

What is the export strategy in The Distrikt?

Our goal is to switch the export market from resources to technology and creativity. That is the export of the value-added products. These are based on human talent and creativity instead of natural resources. We create favorable conditions for the local enterprises to develop competitive products that are marketable worldwide and help them to access potential markets.

  • Creativity-based products

    Locally created art, fashion, design, music enriched with high-tech tools.

  • Technology-based products

    Locally developed software, communication platforms, IoT-based systems.

  • Light manufacturing products

    3D-printed jewelry.

  • Access to technology

    Idea Shop – a shared platform where the most innovative technologies will be accessible to everyone.

  • Market research and networking

    Digital Silk Road – a local enterprise that will support companies to reach Asian markets.

  • Marketing and sales

    Ayo Marketing – a local enterprise that will support the companies in branding, marketing and sales.

Ayo Marketing. “Yes” to The Distrikt 

To be competitive in the International markets the local producers will be supported with professional branding, marketing, and export services.  Growing digitalization opens new opportunities for limitless boards. Here comes  Ayo Marketing, yet another startup from The Distrikt. It will provide a wide range of services to the startups to be successful in the local and international markets.

  • Market research and marketing strategy
  • Branding and brand identity creation
  • Digital marketing, content writing and SEO
  • Social media and email marketing

Digital Silk Road – from East to West

Digital Silk Road will be an important economic and culture center located in The Distrikt with a branch in China. Its focus will be connecting to the Asian markets and especially to China.  By providing services and consulting in market research, customized product development, sales, export, the Digital Silk Road will help local enterprises finding their niche in the huge Chinese market. Meanwhile, the Center will increase awareness about Chinese culture in Gyumri and will revitalize ties with the sister city Xi’an.

As the ancient Silk Road, the Digital Silk Road will link the West with China through technology created in Gyumri. By transforming the “road” to the digital paradigm, the enterprise will act as a new trade route to China.


Mining industries provide most of the materials we rely on to build infrastructures and instruments of daily use, to obtain large amounts of energy, and to supply agriculture with fertilizers that enable most of foods produced. At the same time, mining is the human activity that has been more disturbing to environment and is linked to large social impacts and inequalities.

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