impact investment

Impact Investing

Doing good by doing well: investing for Profit, People, and Planet

Impact Investment is seeking to generate both financial return and social and/or environmental value through investment. It is made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return – make money and do good simultaneously.

On the other hand, to meet Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, there is a need for private investment. This is where The Distrikt is positioned – addressing sustainable development challenges meanwhile hosting profitable enterprises.

Enterprises Depend on the Local Communities

“If business could stimulate social progress in every region of the globe, poverty, pollution, and disease would decline and corporate profits would rise”

Mark R. Kramer, Harvard Business School

The conventional view in business has historically been that actually, there’s a tradeoff between social performance and economic performance. However, social and economic goals are not inherently conflicting in the long run. A productive and growing economy requires educated, safe, healthy, decently housed workers who are motivated by a sense of opportunity. Long-term success –  this is why as a private investment project in The Distrikt care about the communities we live in and wish to contribute to its sustainable development. 

Impact investing pillars of The Distrikt

Fully SDG compliance

Sustainable Development Goals are the main framework for the Distrikt to build its social and environmental impact strategy. The project has a contribution to all SDGs. Meanwhile, we are focused to combine being sustainable with being profitable. The long-term sustainability of the project depends on both aspects – the prosperity of the local enterprises and the local communities.

Gyumri Urban Regeneration

When a company grows, more professionals are needed. In a small town like Gyumri, where many talented young people have left, it is a huge challenge to find motivated and ambitious experts and young professionals. That is why we establish The Distrikt and we create an attractive environment for talented people from around the world to come and live in Gyumri. Therefore, by contributing to Gyumri’s urban regeneration, immigration and development, we make sure to expand our team and scale up the project.

Startups for sustainable development

Besides The Distrikt, the enterprises inside are acting in line with SDGs and contributing to one/several of them.

For example, aquaponics technology will be an affordable solution for the local farmers as a more sustainable farming method and on the other hand, will be a source of food for the locals. Prefab housing solutions based on cheap and high-quality technology will be provided by another local enterprise contributing to the solution of Gyumri’s housing crisis. Our goal is to support enterprises to become impact-driven and address sustainability challenges while remaining profitable.

Impact Investing
Impact Investing

Impact investing directs capital to enterprises that generate social or environmental benefits. Our findings challenge the myth that this kind of “social” investment yields weak returns that take too long to realize.

Impact Investing

To get an idea of where impact investment might be headed over the next decade, the authors examine where the field has been in three areas that play an outsized role in its goals and practices.