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Discover Gyumri: Armenia’s Historical Gem


Gyumri, also known as Alexandrapol, is a unique city for many reasons. The most indigenous architecture preserved from the 19th century is here to take you on a historical journey through one of the most remarkable towns of its time. Develop an authentic cultural experience by visiting museums and galleries that tell the story of the city and the people in it. The ancient town of Gyumri offers churches, memorials, monuments, cobble-stone streets, and even water fountains that all bear legends waiting to be discovered.

The City of the Future

The City of the Future
The City of the Future

We envision Gyumri as a prosperous city that attracts sustainable infrastructure investments, empowers local entrepreneurs, and offers quality job opportunities to its residents. People will have an opportunity to achieve the desired quality of life through enhancing their skills and knowledge, accessing new pools of capital, deploying innovative solutions for resource efficiency, and getting engaged in a variety of diverse social interactions.


Growing Tech City

DP + Distrikt Downtown

Distrikt Downtown offers a lively co-working space, where you can work with professional coders. This shared office space is the perfect fit both for teams and digital nomads, as it offers a wide range of entrepreneurial amenities and resources.
Also located here is Distrikt Studio and Digital Pomegranate, where we partner with people from around the world to create startups right here in Gyumri, Armenia. If you have ever dreamed of starting your own business, then Gyumri is the city for you.

Digital Pomegranate has been developing apps for over 10 years with 200+ projects using 50+ technologies. With a deep industry knowledge in entertainment, health, consumer, financial and business services, we’ve worked with companies worldwide to create lasting value. We off a development shop to create you app or a job if that is what you are looking for.

Find a Home in Gyumri

Contact us and we will help you find a place to live, an office/co-working space and even a job in Gyumri. The great news is you can live in Gyumri for less than half the cost of living in Yerevan, and take a 2-hour train to Yerevan whenever you want to remind yourself why you moved in the first place.

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