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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Economic growth versus sustainable growth

The GDP change graph shows the economic growth of Armenia year by year. But unemployment, poverty, and migration persist in the country. This means the growth is unequal and only part of the population benefits.

Moreover examining countries’ export portfolio, it is clear what a big proportion mining has. That means part of the growth is at the expense of ecological harm. Sustainable growth means inclusive and long-term prosperity and decent job opportunities for all. The is the model The Distrikt is built on.

Creating decent work opportunities in Gyumri and resulting in sustainable growth is our primary goal in The Distrikt

Our goal to change Armenia’s export portfolio shifting it from resources to technologies and prevent immigration and brain drain, as people are the most important resources of the country. To do this, our focus is the development of high-tech, sustainable, and creative industries, and make the local produce competitive worldwide.


In Armenia, 34 % of the population is living under the poverty line. In Gyumri, the poverty raises to 48.4 %, meaning every second person is poor.


More than one-third of families in Armenia have at least one household member who is either abroad or a returning migrant. Over the last three decades, around 50,000 people have left Gyumri.


Lack of job opportunities has resulted in 18% of the unemployment rate in Armenia, and as high as 52% in Gyumri. Especially young people have difficulties finding a job.

The Distrikt model of the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Digital Pomegranate has already created more than 40 job places in Gyumri. We are expanding and need more talented people. Every “seed” of the Digital Pomegranate is a new enterprise that grows. In The Distrikt by creating an appealing living condition and a sustainable environment we attract specialists to Gyumri. This is how we regenerate the local economy and create job opportunities for the locals. With the first stage of The Distrikt Project, more than 300 job places will be created in different enterprises.

Providing professional support

To be competitive in the International markets the local producers will be supported with professional marketing and export services. Ayo Marketing will support market research, product development, and customized branding.
Digital Silk Road will connect The Distrikt enterprises to Asian markets particularly concentrating on China and Europe ane will support the export of the local produce.

Digital Silk Road Center

Increasing local purchasing power, tourism, and tax revenues

More people with high revenues more local demand. The urban regeneration of Gyumri will directly impact other sectors of the city’s economy. Tourism is one of the important ones. The innovative urban planning of The Distrikt, as well as professional visits, will surely increase the flow of visitors to Gyumri.

The active investment flows and entrepreneurship ecosystem will increase tax revenue of the local municipalities that can be directed to address social issues in the city.

SGD 8: Decent Work and  Economic Growth

The Distrikt contributes to the SDG 8 Decent Work and  Economic Growth. The goal is to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all


The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene.