Gyumri urban tourism potential

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries with huge economic and social potential. Gyumri is a target location for tourism development programs due to its strategic geographic location, rich cultural heritage, unique vernacular architecture, and access to the international airport, railroad, and main highways. One of the big potentials is related to the IT industry development resulting in a flow of business tourism and event tourism.

The Distrikt as a part of the Gyumri’s urban landscape generates new streams of visitors from all around the world – from trade fairs to cultural events, from touristic visits to business trips.

Gyumri Map

The Distrikt: new spot to visit

Wouldn’t it be interesting to visit a botanical garden-like greenhouse where actually wastewater is being recycled? Or to watch how the fish and plants are growing in one system called aquaponics, and moreover buy this food from the local 0 waste corner store? Or to enjoy urban gardens all around? Right, all these are part of The Distrikt.

Innovative architecture and urban design, cutting-edge sustainable technologies, living streets and green parks, cultural diversity – The Distrikt will definitely become one of the iconic must-visit symbols of Gyumri.

Moreover, the boiling cultural life will regenerate  Gyumri’s nostalgic fame as the city of culture –  galleries, fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions, open workshops. Gyumri will again be full of cultural events that will be part of The Distrikt’s daily life.

Promoting business tourism in Gyumri

A huge part of the incoming visitors’ flow will be related to business tourism. That is a result of the daily business meetings and events.

These everyday occasions of the business trips will increase the visitors’ traffic of Gyumri. On top of this, big events such as international conferences, trade fairs will host hundreds of visitors.

Each visitor brings value to the city as a consumer of the local product and by increasing awareness about the city.

Business Tourism

Gyumri urban tourism regeneration

The increasing number of visitors opens new perspectives for Gyumri’s urban tourism regeneration and representation of the city’s cultural heritage.

One of the factors that will change the visitor’s experience in Gyumri is the biking infrastructure development. New biking trails will connect The Distrikt with the main parts of the city facilitating the navigation throughout Gyumri.

Moreover, the upgrade of the city’s green infrastructure and parks will increase its recreational value promising a new urban experience.

Gyumri Tourism

The trickle-down effect and sustainable tourism perspectives

The benefits of sustainable tourism are enjoyed by the local communities, it preserves local identity, and respects the local culture. That is the kind of tourism we aim to develop in Gyumri.

The visitors’ streams will in general positively affect the tourism industry stakeholders of Gyumri – cultural destinations, guesthouses, restaurants, pubs and will increase demand for local production. Surely, this in its turn will extend the sector with new initiatives and new job opportunities. Meanwhile, we want Gyumri to keep its unique identity and remain authentic for the locals.

Gyumri Guest House
A Guest House in Gyumri

A new study has demonstrated that providing a simple ‘nudge’ — or cue — is an effective way to influence the decision-making process of tourists and encourage them to act in more environmentally friendly ways.


UNWTO publishes a number of market intelligence reports every year, covering trends analysis, products, segments and markets.


Industries are continually disrupted by new trends and new innovations, and the tourism industry is no exception to this. Keeping pace with these emerging tourism trends can help businesses to stay competitive and cater to the needs of customers

Heritage Tourism

The EU and Eastern Partnership “Culture and Creativity” Programme studied the cultural landscape of Armenia and identified the opportunities and challenges existing in the country.