gender equality

Gender Equality

Half of the world’s population, half of its potential

“Why to become an engineer, that is not for women. You need to choose something easier to be able to raise children”. This is an idea that has prevented many girls to become the next successful entrepreneur, leader, expert, or scientist. Conservative social norms, unequal economic opportunities, unpaid domestic work are stagnating social progress in many patriarchal societies as Armenia. In The Distrikt we have another story to share – women are the engine of the growth and prosperity we experience.

Women economic participation and opportunity

Armenia, Rank 78 out of 153, Score: 0.673 out of 1

Women educational attainment

Armenia Rank: 45 out of 153 ; Score: 0.998 out of 1

Women health and survival

Armenia Rank: 148 out of 153, Score: 0.948 out of 1

Women political empowerment

Armenia Rank: 114 out of 152, Score: 0.118 out of 1

Global Gender Gap Index

Armenia Rank: 98 out of 153, Score: 0.684 out of 1

Armenia and Gender Gap Report 2020

The Global Gender Gap Report 2020 benchmarks 153 countries on their progress towards gender parity in four dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. Globally, gender parity stands at 68.6% and the bottom 10 countries have closed just 40% of the gender gap. Here is what the report tells about Armenia.

Luckily for the whole society, more and more initiatives are developed throughout Armenia that are positively affecting the change of Gender Gap numbers. One of them is the story of the Digital Pomegranate.

#1 Iceland 87.7%
#2 Norway 84.2%
#3 Finland 83.2%
#98 Armenia 68.4%
#153 Yemen 49.4%

Global Gender Gap Report 2020: Leaders, Losers and Armenia

Digital Pomegranate: women’s tech success

When you are a woman in one of the most traditional cities of Armenia as Gyumri you have many expectations to meet. For example, your main life goal should be family care and occupation of a “feminine job”. When establishing the Digital Pomegranate, our objective was to break these social norms. We showed that women can lead a successful IT company,  make it one of the best in Armenia and competitive worldwide while managing family life. The key is unlocking the creativity and potential of many smart women creating job opportunities and equal access to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Digital Pomegranate Team and Women Leadership

The Distrikt: scaling-up the impact

Now, we are expanding our impact spectrum opening more opportunities for girls and women. Behind The Distrikt are women architects, urban planners, project developers, and managers. Our focus is equal access for jobs, equal pay, equal opportunities to the startup ecosystem. Economic Empowerment will make the women’s voices heard and considered. It will be translated into political power and gender parity. We want to become a role model for other women and empower them by giving them personal growth opportunities.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

The Distrikt contributes to the SDG 5 Gender Equality. The goal is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

SDG 5 Gender Equality
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Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


SEATTLE, Washington — Gayane Ghandilyan Arakelyan is the CEO of Digital Pomegranate, one of many Armenian tech companies run by women.

Armenia Diaspora

Nestled between Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, the landlocked Republic of Armenia’s thriving technology sector reached $250 million in 2018 while the country of three million peacefully overthrew an oligarchic regime.