Software development as the economy core

Software development is the core of the economy of the Distrikt. The software creates breakthroughs and drives growth in nearly every industry. The software empowers businesses and unlocks new opportunities to improve our lives each day. 

Nowadays, our lives are dominated by mobile phones and the internet of things (IoT) devices, and Flutter allows them to change our daily life and generate billions of dollars yearly for big and small businesses which will provide economic growth.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s new evolutionary development platform that allows coders to write in one simple language for both Apple’s iPhone/iPad iOS platforms and Google’s Android phones/tablets. Flutter is open-source and free, which is perfect for students and others on a limited budget.

Flutter is now widely used to create applications in Google, Alibaba, Uber, and other large companies. Flutter allows creating apps for many industries such as management, banking, e-commerce, etc. 

Digital Pomegranate: leading flutter-development company

Digital Pomegranate started its Flutter journey in 2016. Before Flutter Digital Pomegranate uses other technologies such as React Native and Ionic, but they weren’t productive.

CTO of Digital Pomegranate Gurgen Hovhannisyan once saw a comment in one of the Facebook groups about software development “Has anybody heard about Flutter?”. And he started to google to know what is a flutter, all he found were images of butterflies, but after deep research, he started to find more and more information, understand the concept, and learn flutter by himself.

The first mobile app that Digital Pomegranate developed was Trivia Matic in a very short time, just one and a half months. 

From the enthusiasts of learning flutter, now Digital Pomegranate has first Flutter aficionados in Armenia. 

Getting in Flutter now is a real opportunity for businesses and potential startups. And besides making useful applications Digital Pomegranate is the first company teaching Flutter and giving job opportunities to everybody ready to learn because Flutter is present and future of mobile application development.

Flutter: the magic wand of The Distrikt

Flutter is strongly emerging in the market and trying to expand its presence. Flutter can easily be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) which is critical for The Distrikt. Every startup in The Distrikt can have tech solutions because of the platform’s efficiency and reliability, and all features provide an array of ready-to-use widgets. Flutter definitely is an ideal choice for startup app development, besides that flutter creates new job opportunities, because flutter developers are now on-demand all around the world. 

Armenia Diaspora

Just as Mr. McGuire blurted out “plastics” in the movie The Graduate to the young Benjamin, we have always been a society looking for the next big thing that will create seismic shifts and earthquakes. The last 10 years have been dominated by mobile phones, and the next will be the internet of things (IoT) devices.

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They are Digital Pomegranate and they love Flutter development. They have grown into one of the premier and largest Flutter development companies in the world. Their focus is on tech solutions for small and medium-sized companies to improve sales and performance by providing them the best in the digital world.


Several big brands like Alibaba and Phillips have already tried Flutter on their mobile apps. In this article, you will find the major benefits of Flutter app development and how choosing this platform affects the speed, cost, and productivity of mobile application development.