SDG center

SDG Center

The Distrikt SDG Centre functions at a glance

The Distrikt has committed to becoming an all SDG-compliant community. That goes beyond using clean technologies and sustainable infrastructure. We want to host impact-driven enterprises, generate solutions that address local and global sustainability challenges. We are consistent in our objectives, that is why we establish clear monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that will facilitate reaching SGD goals. To fulfill these functions, one of The Distrik’s key enterprises is The SDG Center.

  • Impact Investing Tools

    Support enterprises to integrate social and environmental factors into investment decisions alongside risk and return.

  • Networking for Sustainability

    Organize networking events and discussions with tech startups, NGOs, and academic sectors to boost collaboration and innovation for sustainability.

  • Sustainability Policies

    Development of the sustainability policies for the local organizations, residents, and organization of the awareness-raising campaigns around SDGs.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    Tools for monitoring of the progress on SDGs, evaluation, and publication of the results in line with the advice of improvements and new initiatives.

Integrate social and environmental factors into investment decisions

All investors and companies create positive and negative effects on society and the environment. There are many that would consider being more sustainable and even develop solutions to solve sustainability challenges becoming impact investors. However, the problem is a lack of awareness, in-depth understanding of sustainability, or simply don’t know where to start, there are so many problems everywhere.

The SDG Center in The Distrikt will help enterprises to become more impact-focused, understand the sustainability challanges, and discover how they can be part of the solution while remaining profitable.

The tools developed by the SDG Center will facilitate the impact generation by providing streamlined, practical, how-to guidance that impact investors need, all in one easy-to-navigate system. It will identify and consider the positive and negative effects one’s investment approaches have on people and the planet and then figure out ways to mitigate the negative and maximize the positive in alignment with one’s goals.

SDG Center

SDG Center Impact Tool

  • Evaluation of the start-up based on the sustainability criteria

    The developed methodology will measure the impact and give a score.

  • Identification of the gaps and opportunities

    The elaborated report will identify and interpret with visuals the negative and positive impacts.

  • Feedback and recommendations

    A set of recommendations will help companies to improve themselves and develop sustainability strategies and communication.

Connecting startups with public sector

Non-governmental organizations and academic institutions are aware of the sustainable development challenges. Startups and companies in high-tech have innovative tools. The SDG center will be the collaboration, exchange, and networking platform between these two sides. The goal is to harness technological solutions for sustainable development.

Periodic meetings, discussions, and hackathon-format events will serve this purpose. While Idea Shop is an always accessible platform equipped with innovative technologies.

SDG Center

Development of local sustainability policies and action plans

How to become a sustainable consumer, what to do to compensate for the negative footprint, or how to recycle the waste? From basic sustainability education and awareness-raising strategies to customized policies for the local enterprises. The SDG center will be in charge of the local sustainability action plan development and implementation.

Measuring the impact of The Distrikt and the startups

We have commitments then we also need to measure them. The SDG Center will be in charge of measuring the impact of The Distrikt and the local enterprises in line with the SDG goals. The objective is to provide the relevant data for the decision-making and prepare reports and publications. Following international standards, the customized reporting will be an added value for start-ups seeking international investment.

The impact monitoring and evaluation will be yet another tool developed in The Distrikt that will produce comprehensive reports and sustainability strategies.

SDG Center
Impact Investing

Impact investing directs capital to enterprises that generate social or environmental benefits. Our findings challenge the myth that this kind of “social” investment yields weak returns that take too long to realize.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is a strategy you can use to put your money to work with companies that strive to make the world a better place.