Reduced Inequalities

Reduced Inequalities

Why establish an enterprise in Gyumri?

The most striking fact about the inequalities is that the richest 1% of the world’s population now controls up to 40% of global assets, while the poorest half owns just one percent. But this is the big consequence of rural/urban disparities, inequalities based on income, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity, religion. This persists across the world, within, and among countries. Armenia is not an exception.

To reduce inequalities in Armenia and above – this is why The Distrikt has located itself outside of the capital Yerevan. Gyumri is our home and host city.  Here are the reasons how we reduce inequalities while residing in Gyumri.

Adding value for the city: job opportunities for the local communities

More than 50% of Armenia’s GDP is created in Yerevan, less than 6% in the second poorest Shirak region. Cultural, economic, political, education, and national institutions are growing in the capital, while more and more talented people are leaving Gyumri.

Things are changed when there are job opportunities – the experience of the Digital Pomegranate showed young people prefer to stay in their hometown, as soon as there are job opportunities. The only way to develop Gyumri is to create local job opportunities. Therefore, in The Distrikt we reduce inequalities by recruiting, training, and employing local community members, including those living in poverty. We create additional income by integrating locals into the value chain as producers, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and more.

GDP per Person

Yerevan 2756301AMD
Aragatsotn 1233480AMD
Ararat 1282609AMD
Armavir 1074929AMD
Gegharkunik 819460AMD
Lori 1028677AMD
Kotayk 1095901AMD
Shirak 869122AMD
Syunik 1936420AMD
Vayots Dzor 1357824AMD
Tavush 768670AMD
Average 1697645 AMD

Developing products and services tailored for poor customers

Since the 1988 devastating earthquake housing problem has left still 2000 families homeless. Part of the problem is the absence of houses affordable for poor people. That is why The Distrikt develops prefabricated housing technology. The low costs of production and wasteless manufacturing make its price well below average. It will become an affordable solution for many families stuck in the domiks of poverty. The prefabricated housing incorporates sustainable technologies to reduce communal expenses as another cost burden and keeps the environment clean and safe.

Contribute to tax revenues for public services and sharing the responsibilities

As a responsible taxpayer, our contribution to the municipal budget is growing. The growing enterprises in The Distrikt are creating income opportunities for the municipality to solve the local challanges of Gyumri.

One of those ambitious projects to be implemented by the Gyumri Municipality is the Gyumri Green City Action Plan that aims to improve the city’s environment making it cleaner and greener. With activities such as biking trail construction, tree planting, and introducing innovative technologies The Distrikt is directly taking part in the action plan implementation.

These actions make Gyumri more inclusive by giving opening access to clean air, green spaces, clean and cheap transportation, and technologies.

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

The Distrikt contributes to the SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities. The goal is to reduce inequalities within and among countries.

SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities
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Reduce inequality within and among countries.


Our world’s deepest pockets – “ultra-high net worth individuals” – hold an astoundingly disproportionate share of global wealth.