The Distrikt: innovative and inspiring buildings

When we are trying to imagine an architecture in Gyumri the first thing comes traditional Armenian architecture with tuff. As in the past, today too black tuff occupies a predominant place in the exterior formation of city buildings. No less important is the role of orange tuff in the traditional architecture and design of the buildings. Tuff stone in general is considered a special part of Armenian traditionalism in the architecture of Gyumri.
Do you ever think that in Gyumri you can see buildings with modern architectural solutions and even have an opportunity to live there? If yes contact us!
If no, read till the end and contact us later.

Building The Future

Distrikt is about to build future because our architecture aims to minimize or eliminate any environmental damage caused by construction and throughout a building’s life cycle.
Our buildings are Energy-efficient because they are based on Geothermal Heating System, solar panel energy. These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. This is a renewable energy source and having solar panels can reduce a home owner’s energy bills. All buildings in Distrikt are lowrise, mainly 1, 2 or floors, and the main thing is that in Distrikt houses are affordable because our buildings are environmentally friendly with sustainable materials such as recycled timber and metals.

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