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Urban Planning

The Distrikt

Sustainable development is at the core of the Distrikt project. We believe that this project will have a transformative impact on the Gyumri community, while its model can be replicated in different communities around the world, facing the same challenges as Gyumri does.
With the Distrikt project, we aim to establish the first-of-its-kind residential district in Gyumri, a unique technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem that fosters innovation, provides decent and sustainable livelihood to its residents and has a positive socio-economic and environmental impact on Gyumri.
We have carefully studied the urban landscape and selected a site that would be ideal for the project. The site is located in the North-western part of Gyumri, close to Bulvarayin and Mush districts. It is 10 minutes drive away from downtown. Popular tourist landmarks are near the site.

High-Level Implementation Plan

The site is about 21ha, it used to be a Soviet/Armenian military base which is now abandoned. There are over 20 old buildings on the site of different states of disrepair and functionality. The site is located in the Western part of Gyumri, close to Bulvarayin and Mush districts. It is 10 minutes drive away from downtown. Popular sights such as Black Fortress (Sev Berd), Cherkezi Dzor, Mother Armenia are close by.

We designed the Distrikt project at the intersection of the following 5 vision elements. All the initiatives that we plan to undertake in the Distrikt are aimed at fulfilling these 5 vision elements.

A Prosperous City

Distrikt envisions Gyumri as a prosperous city that attracts investments, empowers local entrepreneurs, and offers quality job opportunities to its residents. Thoughtful planning that encourages high density, high quality, mixed-use development with ample public space will enable prosperity by creating a place where all residents share in economic, technological, and social progress. In the Distrikt, we will ensure full integration of the supply chain, so that the maximum possible volume of products/services needed by Distrikt residents and visitors are produced locally. This will create jobs and business opportunities throughout the whole value chain.
Distrikt will also focus on the increase of the export potential of goods/services produced within the Distrikt. The export promotion will create opportunities for businesses to scale up, expand to new markets, and lead to job creation.

A Green City

The Distrikt has the ambition to promote Gyumri as a leader in green practices globally. Within the Green City vision, we are planning to build public green spaces, design innovative solutions for sustainable use of scarce resources, eliminate waste and hazard, promote environmentally conscious production and consumption patterns. All of these activities are aimed at the preservation of biodiversity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The strategies to achieve the green city vision are as follows:
Alternative energy, Resilient infrastructure, Green and sustainable communities, Solar panel park, Passive Solar Heating, Farmfresh, The Living Machine, Bicycle network.

An Integrated City

Our vision of the integrated city is based on the holistic approach towards urban development, where economic development, social welfare, and environmental sustainability are achieved through thoughtful planning, urban design, and architecture.

From fitness facilities, education hubs, entertainment districts built in close proximity to parks, and neighborhood areas, integrated cities are revolutionizing the way we view townships.

The Distrikt offers a practical solution enabling a deliberate mixed use of land so that residential and non-residential uses are going to be within walking distance of one another. 

This will create a prosperous neighborhood that is vibrant throughout the day and night. where people enjoy walking, shopping, dining, living, and going to work in the same area. In such a well-designed urban environment, both residents and visitors have a strong sense of comfort and safety.  

A Creative City

With the unique concept of Distrikt, we aim to put Gyumri on the world map of creativity, i.e. we plan to support the city to apply and join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). The network aims to strengthen cooperation with and among cities that have recognized creativity as a strategic factor of sustainable development as regards economic, social, cultural, and environmental aspects.

Distrik will launch the Idea Shop, a system for creating and implementing successful business ideas. To meet this goal we aim to:

  • Share successful stories and strategies of businesses and the experience of young entrepreneurs in order to increase the quantity and quality of ideas
  • Create a physical factory to help everyone transform their ideas, products, or inventions into reality. This factory will have 3D printers, laboratories, CNC machines to experiment

A Technology City

Cleaner energy technologies, new models of transportation, new kinds of water systems, building-construction innovation, low-water, and soil-less agriculture, clean and small-scale manufacturing are going to be developed within A Technology City Vision.

Information and communication technologies (ICT), the proliferation of sensors (through the Internet of Things), converging data standards, and improvements in computational methods and technologies are also combining to provide new possibilities for the physical management and the socio-economic development of the Distrikt, and more directly to Gyumri. 

Digital and mobile technologies are making the connections between service providers and users tighter, faster, more personal, and more comprehensive.

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