Our challenge: Find People, Attract to the city

One of the big challenges for small cities like Gyumri is to attract talented people to live and work there. For organizations in small cities and towns, the talent shortage can seem even more acute than in large cities, because there’s a stereotype that life in big cities is always good and interesting. Our partner Digital Pomegranate always faces these challenges and tries to solve this by providing good conditions for employees. But the problem needs to be solved more globally that’s the main propose of The Distrikt.

Build The Distrikt

Many of the young Armenians experience living in developed countries with an active lifestyle and buzzy environments. For these people, Armenia and especially Gyumri don’t have many things to suggest as an alternative. In The Distrikt our goal is to be this alternative by offering a sustainable and living place. In a small place, we concentrate the pleasure of being in the Motherland, enjoying an active lifestyle full of events, buzzy public places, new people to meet and many job opportunities.

Create Jobs

Distrikt is all about creating new job opportunities. Distrikt will successfully facilitate its firms and industries to create jobs, raise productivity, and increase the incomes of citizens over time. Distrikt”s partner Digital Pomegranate started its journey with few employees and now its number is over 50. Distrikt will launch factories, shops, cafes, Idea Shop, art galleries, and much more to create more job opportunities.

Affordable Housing

We plan to build over 300 houses and buildings. The building materials will be manufactured at a local factory that will be established and operated in the area of the Distrikt. There will be a variety of affordable building types that include live/work units, single-family houses, semi-detached houses, big-family houses mixed with commercial spaces. Our buildings are Energy-efficient because they are based on Geothermal Heating System, solar panel energy.

Bringing new technologies

People need tools, new technologies, and networks for success. The Distrikt creates access to innovative technologies and shared use places as Idea Shop. Here cutting-edge computers, 3D printers, design, animation, 3D modeling tools are open to everyone to develop their ideas.

Organic food

Soilless culture is an expanding agricultural practice. The aquaponics in Distrikt is regulated by an IoT-based app designed by the startup Farmfresh. FarmFresh Startup suggests mobile and web application which controls production in real-time and manages aquaponics and hydroponics farm data by ensuring the greatest efficiencies in production and preventing imbalances in the system.

Building the Future

Distrikt’s goal is to turn Gyumri from the poorest city of Europe into a leading community focused on economic development in creativity, technology, sustainability, and prosperity. With the Distrikt project, we aim to establish the first-of-its-kind residential district in Gyumri, a unique technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem that fosters innovation, provides decent and sustainable livelihood to its residents and has a positive socio-economic and environmental impact on Gyumri.