trivia matic


What is Trivia Matic?

Over the past few years, people all over the world have been obsessed with playing sports trivia games. The trivia games are both fun for fans and profitable for bars and restaurants. The fans use sports trivia to meet new like-minded people, team up with strangers to make that missing connection in today’s digital world. 

The TriviaMatic app is the perfect all-in-one solution for running Trivia events for both players and host directly from their smartphones. TriviaMatic is packed with sports, history, entertainment…plus art, science, current events, literature, and so much more.

How it all started?

Founded by Todd Fabacher, Zara Ingilizyan, and Chi Chan in New York City in 2018, TriviaMatic has proved to be one of the most innovative trivia apps whose main goal is to make learning easy and fun through gamification.

Throughout 2 years, TriviaMatic has provided jobs for various specialists, including mobile and web developers, graphic and UI/UX designers, video animators, tech support specialists, content providers, SMM specialists, QA specialists, and many more. 

What is TriviaMatic’s goal?

TriviaMatic has set a clear goal to become a net of trivia apps which are aimed at providing various service to different industries. TriviaMatic is the mother app of dozens of new apps which are aimed at different target groups: consumer trivia apps, trivia apps for pizza companies, trivia apps for music companies, trivia apps for sports lovers and language learners. 

Why is TriviaMatic a Great Business Solution?

Trivia Quiz Night is the most fun and reliable way to turn a slow night into a booming night of business. Because trivia events are normally played by teams, they encourage social interaction and discussion, while challenging the mind. These events draw crowds to venues and get people coming back week after week. TriviaMatic provides businesses with a detailed guide on running a great trivia night from start to finish at your establishment. 


Stuck at home? Feeling alone and isolated? TriviaMatic, a New York City start-up, has decided to provide all of their online trivia games for FREE during this international crisis. 


Trivia games have become a principal way to entertain and reward ourselves for what we know. At first, the plan was to just give bars a way to get people in slow nights, but the concept of bar trivia turned into a phenomenon as the draw towards trivia seems clear today. But Why people love Trivia? Why are they fascinated with this type of quizzes?


Trivia Matic is bringing great entertainment value to the establishment by giving a number of options to set up super exciting trivia events. Join the big trivia world and boost your business with Trivia Matic.